The following regulations define the rules regarding the Affiliate Program for the Online Store located at:



  1. Shop – means an online store selling Mumio Fenix products, owned by Aleksanda Candlestick, El Elfriedenstr.16 A, 45964 Gladbeck, Germany, +49 15163696460, e-mail:

  2. Partner – means a participant registered in the Store.

  3. Customer – means an entity which, as a result of the Partner's actions, has started to use the Store.

  4. Program – means the Store's affiliate program

  5. Commission – funds collected by the partner, which he obtained for active recommendation of products

  6. Referral link – a specially prepared, individual link of the Partner, thanks to which commissions for purchases are calculated.

Participation in the Program

  1. The Program may be joined by legal persons, organizational units that are not legal persons and natural persons conducting business activity.

  2. To become a Partner in the Program, you must register on the website or join the affiliate program via My Kaspersky Account. Only registration in the program allows you to join the affiliate program and actively earn money on the sale of products.

  3. The Partner has the possibility to change personal data, he can do it via the user account or by e-mail via the address:

  4. By joining the Program, you must unmissingly accept its regulations. Each time it is broken, it may result in: temporary blocking of the partner, permanent blockade of the partner or deletion of the Partner's account without the possibility of re-joining the Program.

  5. The Partner within the meaning of the law and regulations is not an employee of the Store. A Partner is a person who, on behalf of the Store, promotes the Store and the sale of products through materials and referral links prepared by the owner.

Terms of cooperation

  1. The partner who joins the program has the opportunity to earn a commission for the sale of products recommended by him.

  2. For each order that is paid, the Affiliate will receive a 20% commission.

  3. The commission may be paid to the Partner to the Bank Account, via PayPal.

  4. As part of the commission earned, the Partner also has the opportunity to use the accumulated funds to purchase products in the Store. In this case, it pays only the missing financial difference.

  5. For the best Partners who will be the most effective, it is possible to negotiate the value of the commission.

  6. The commission is charged when the Customer pays for the order.

  7. The generated Affiliate link has a cache for 30 days. This means that if the Partner's customer makes purchases within 30 days, a commission will be charged on each purchase. After 30 days, it is necessary to use the referral link again.

  8. In the event of return of the goods by the Buyer, the commission charged for the sale will also be canceled.

  9. Payment of the commission is possible every 30th day of the month. In order to pay the commission, the Partner should submit a request for withdrawal via the available option in the Affiliate Program zone.

  10. The minimum possible commission payment is PLN 20

  11. The use of commission to purchase goods in the store is possible within 1 year of charging the commission.

  12. The partner cannot act as the owner of the store. All substantive matters are reserved for the owner of the store. All suggestions, ideas and solutions should be consulted with the owner of the Store.

  13. The partner in promotional activities should be based on the company's policy, regulations and, above all, on the provisions of applicable law.

Duration of the programme

  1. The Affiliate Program is launched on 22.09.2021 and lasts until further notice.

  2. In the event of termination of the Program, each Partner will be notified in this matter 30 days before the changes take effect.


Limitations and Liability

  1. The Store reserves the right to settle disputes in connection with the Partners.

  2. It is forbidden to use systems that generate automatic entries to the website or may cause unstable operation of the Store.

  3. The Store is not
    responsible for: – temporary interruptions in
    the operation of the Store caused by technical works, – actions taken by Partners,

  1. The Partner may be removed from the Program in the event of reasonable suspicion or circumstances:

    – uses false data in the
    registration process, – misleading customers in order
    to obtain higher commissions, – acting to the detriment of the Store,
    – does not comply with the provisions of applicable law,

  2. The Store Owner grants himself the right to increase or reduce the commission after the then information for Partners. This information will be provided to partners 30 days before the changes come into force.

  3. The Program also applies to the General Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of the Store.