Our company distributes to European Union countries a unique, 100% natural and biologically active MUMIO Phoenix® food supplement collected in Russian and Mongolian Altai. These places still remain in their original form, away from large industrial centers and cities, which allows to preserve all the useful properties of the raw materials mined in here.

The general director of LLC "Transsib", of which we are a distributor, Valery Iwanowicz talks about his activities in the following way:

"The Altai Republic is one of the most beautiful places in Russia where the air, water and land are clean and people are great and friendly. There are no large industrial enterprises here, which allows us to collect ecological raw materials for the production of our food supplements . Our company has developed a line of 100% natural bioactive "Phoenix" supplements with its primary product Mumio, as well as many other natural products with excellent health properties. Mumio however has become our primary product. The properties of this natural substance have been known since ancient times.

It is known that the greatest contribution of Mumio is to support the human body through the humic and fulvic acids that contains.

We offer our products not only to Russians but also to our friends from neighbouring countries: Mongolia, China, India and Kazakhstan. From April 2019, thanks to cooperation with the company "Phoenixeu" , which distributes to all European Union countries, every European citizen will be able to take advantage of the wonderful benefits of the nature of our country.

Recently, through the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Altai Republic, our products actively participate in various exhibitions and fairs abroad, where we have gained a lot of approval from environments specializing in natural medicine.

We want to emphasize that every gram of our products contains the life-giving strength of the Altai Mountains, water and air that will help you feeling younger and lively in full vitality!