Mumio (Greek) - "protecting body"

Mumio is a tar-like product, a mineral product of natural origin with a characteristic and specific smell,
Definite dark color, leaking from rock crevices.
The wonderful properties of Mumio have been known to mankind for hundreds of years. In the old days, Mumio was very expensive, so it was only available to the Kings and kept together with the royal gold.
In our time, Mumio is more available.
Mumio, being a natural product, accumulates within itself elements and organic compounds in  wide range, keeping them in a biologically active state in a form that is highly absorbable to humans.

In addition to humic acids (humic and fulvic), more than 60 elements and more than 20 groups of organic compounds were tested in Mumio composition, including bitter glycosides, fatty acids, polyphenolic compounds, tars, salts, steroids, flavonoids, phospholipids, and essential oils.
Humic acids - have endoprotective (liver, digestive system), anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, adaptive, analgesic, regenerative and membrane-protecting properties.
Amino acids- are involved in the building of whole body proteins.

Humic and amino acids are involved in all fermentation processes in the body.